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If you suffer from pimples, blemishes, and similar skin problems, then it’s probably not a stretch to say that the condition profoundly affects your life. Sure, most everyone gets a random zit or two once in a while. That’s to be expected, especially in the teen years. But if your case is more severe than that, then it’s a whole different ballgame. You don’t want to put yourself in social situations where people might laugh at or comment about your skin. You don’t want to go to work, particularly if you have a job that involves lots of interaction with customers. In fact, you probably just want to stay in your house until your face clears up. That’s why you need to start using an effective acne treatment now.

Of course, practically every product on the market claims to be an effective acne treatment, so how are you supposed to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t? Unfortunately, a lot of this comes down to trial and error. It’s just a fact of life that some ingredients and product combinations work well on some types of skin, but do nothing on others. So just because your friend has found an effective acne treatment that clears up all her pimples, that doesn’t mean the exact same cream or lotion will work for you.

You’ve probably tried a lot of over-the-counter stuff already. If something hasn’t worked in the past, then it’s not likely to have any kind of effect in the future, so quit wasting your money. I recommend going to a dermatologist instead. This will give you a chance to have your skin looked at by a trained professional, who can then recommend an effective acne treatment tailored specifically for your needs. The dermatologist will likely put you on an entire skin care regimen that consists of washing and toning with different products in the morning and at night, and following those steps with prescription antibiotics that can treat your skin from the inside out. Your doctor will also be available to monitor your progress via follow-up appointments, and can make modifications to your regimen if something needs to be changed.

One point to bear in mind is that even an effective acne treatment often takes a long time to work. If you go in expecting to get results overnight, you’ll end up becoming extremely disappointed and frustrated when that doesn’t happen. All medications — and antibiotics in particular — take a significant amount of time to take hold. We’re talking eight or twelve weeks or more here, so if you don’t notice an immediate change, that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective acne treatment.

The bottom line here is that it’s time to stop letting your skin problems control your life. There’s an effective acne treatment out there that can clear up your face and allow the real you to shine through. Consult with a dermatologist today to figure out which products can help you.

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