How I Cured My Acne

How I Cured My Acne

Here’s my acne story, what it was like, and how I cured my acne! This video is made the share my story and help anyone else going through this same situation. Hope you enjoy!

Acropass Trouble Cure Instant Acne Pimple Patch with Dissolving Hyaluronic Acid Micro Structure

Product Description
Acropass trouble cure

Price: $16.00

  • Easy to use and mess-free: Transparent acne patch that can be worn day or night, near invisible and comfortable design that you or your friends won’t even realize it’s quietly curing your pimples and acne.
  • 6 acne patches and 6 cleansing pads for skin preparation are included, use it anywhere without hassle.
  • DAB micro-needle technology are used to deliver effective components such as Niacinamide, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid into your the skin, reducing inflammation, pus and oil secretion.
  • France imported hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is added in the recipe to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, no preservatives, no artificial additives added, FDA approved for safe use.
  • Forbes 2014’s Most Innovative Beauty Products Award. 13 international dissolving micro needle path patents. 30 years skin care R&D and production experience.

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