What Are The Most Effective Acne Treatments?

Acne is a skin condition that affects mostly the face, back and upper chest. It thrives in these areas since they are saturated with sebaceous follicles that act as a good ground for them to spread. Acne forms when oil, dead cells, and bacteria collect in the skin pore. Acne can be either inflammatory or non-inflammatory and all this depends on the extent of damage they cause to the skin. Acne manifests itself through pimples, spots, blemishes or zits and all these are attributed to the pilosebaceous unit changes. Acne is most common with teenagers though a few adults also experience the same. To treat acne, sebum production has to be reduced, bacteria have to be killed, and the dead skin cells have to be removed as well.

Before embarking on acne treatments, it is important to establish if the acne is severe, mild, or moderate. Some of the known acne treatments include oral medications and topical drugs that are all geared towards reducing their damage to the skin. Other than these, other acne treatment methods available include the use of alternative treatments that include cleansing the skin and eating a healthy diet. People with acne are advised to eat foods that are rich in zinc and fiber. Raw foods are also highly recommended. On the other hand, foods that contain caffeine, high iodine, and sugar must be eliminated from the diet. Other things to keep away from include dairy products, alcohol, tobacco and processed foods. Before embarking on a treatment method, it is important to establish your skin type in order to settle for the best formula.

Alcohol solutions are best for oily skins since they evaporate quickly thus ensuring that the skin pores are not clogged. Aqueous solutions are best for normal to dry skin since they are water based. Creams on the other hand are less greasy and that is why they work best for normal to oily skins. Foams are good for normal to oily skin though they are expensive. Gels also work best for normal to oily skin and they are valued for their dimethicone and glycerin content. Lotions are good for any skin type and ointments will work with normal to dry skin. Some of the acne treatments include Exposed, which has been dermatological tested to provide the user with the best relief from acne infection.

Exposed works best in clearing the infected skin and ensuring that future attacks are curbed. It renews the skin, clears acne, unclogs the pores, and reduces redness of the skin. This acne treatment is ideal for all skin types due to its mildness and this makes it suitable for all people including those with sensitive and allergic skins. Zenmed is among the acne treatments and works well due to its ability to work from the inside and the outside. This treatment regulates hormonal imbalances thus terminating acne right from the source. Dermajuv also falls under the category of acne treatments and cures cystic acne as well as severe breakouts. The dermajuv treatment is rated among the best due to its composition that includes Resveratrol, which boosts the treatment.

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